NCsoft: Lineage And here it is, a MMORPG which supports Mac (albeit in beta, and it's a Diablo-style isometric view, as opposed to a FPS-style game, but still, it's a MMORPG. and according to slashdot the largest MMORPG in the world, with some 2.7 million subscribers (as compared to say, Everquest which claims about 375,000 subscribers - and also claims to be the #1 MMORPG. Guess they failed math.


ReplayPC - Watching TV not only WHEN you want, but WHERE you want! This almosts tempts me to actually buy a PVR. Except for the small matter of currently being broke. Ain't that always the way of it?


The Jargon File Just because I haven't blogged in too long, here's a link to something every intelligent net user should read.