Slashdot | Tiqit Handheld PCSince my handheld recently died, I found this interesting. Probably not interesting enough to buy one though. I'm probably going to go buy another Visor from Walmart tomorrow.
Mice revolution. New cordless mouse. And for the slickest mouse replacement i've seen to date: The FinRing. Check it out.


This is been a rather irritating week. First, my job went from reasonably nice to annoying idiocy with the thoroughly ill-conceived management decision to disallow books, laptops, etc. For those of you not familiar with my current drudgery (which last week I would have referred to in much nicer terms) I'm a Police Dispatcher in a small town. There are frequently times when absolutely nothing is going on. Now the only thing we have left to alleviate the boredom is television. I do not particularly like television.

Then when I got home tonight, I discovered my Visor Deluxe handheld, which has been operating quite nicely since I bought almost 2 years ago, has eaten itself. Completely unusable. After running through all the troubleshooting on their website, I'm down to the point where I send it to them, along with a hundred bucks, and they fix it or send me a new one(probably refurnished). Since I've come to depend on it completely for keeping track of everything, I'm rather more irritated than the situation probably warrants. Oh well. I'm tempted to use this as an excuse to buy an iPod But still, it's 400 bucks for a 5 gig drive. I just got a 120 gig desktop drive for slightly more than half that. (For anyone confused by the seeming shift from pda to mp3 player, it's possible to turn the iPod into a pseud-pda, using 3rd party software.)

anyway, that's enough for now. I need to get some sleep so I can be happy and cheerful at work. :-P


The Matrix Chracter Test I rather like these things. btw, according to them, I'm Neo. ? "There is no spoon..."


Have iPod, Will Secretly BootlegHahahahahahahaha. Reason 362 in the "Why Macs are superior for users" I love it. Of course, I'm not advocating software piracy.
Well, after finally getting fed up with being so far in debt, I just finished physically cutting up my credit cards... all of them.