AppleNew Powermac was announced yesterday. Dual 1Ghz processors, Nvidia Geforce4, Superdrive (that's DVD-write, for those of you who don't know) and gigabit ethernet, plus other goodies. Now If someone will just port or write a MMORPG to mac, I'll be all set. Not that I can actually get one right now, but still at $3K, it's not bad, not bad at all.


G.I. Joe® Steel Brigade Command - Updates now, onto the minor whine part: (and I'm not trying to start anything, i just want to get the gripe out of my system, and I know you guys will understand ;)

Just above the picture of the Rhino/hog, is a small snippet of text that represents everything I find wrong with Steel Brigade. For those of you who haven't bothered, it's in reference to the wave 5 figures: "Several BIO CARDS contain information that does not represent the "original" character(s) as we know them. This was neither approved or supported by the STEEL BRIGADE CLUB!"
As if Hasbro needed their approval to produce a line of toys based on characters Hasbro (and to some extent Larry Hama) created in the first place.

I know I should probably keep my mouth shut, but that attitude of theirs just irks me. When did they get to be the final arbiter of what RAH is? Who made them boss?

I'm going to apologize in advance, and hope this doesn't stir up something. I don't think it will - here. Anywhere else it would no doubt rapidly accelerate into a flame war. It just reminds me way to much of an email I and some others once received from that club. I thought perhaps the collective opinion over there had changed, as they seem to have produced some reasonable people, but then when I looked at the Rhino, there was the attitude staring me in the face.

On second thought, I'm not going to post this to the list, I'm going to stick it on my web page instead, and then you guys won't have to read it if you don't want to.


The stream works, it's just not clickable (at least on some systems) Cut and paste http://jaegan.dyndns.org:8010 into your mp3 app.
What's playing Doc? Well, the webcam is down for the moment. (the machine hangs on reboot when the cam is plugged in, so I can't have it fix itself when it crashes :( So, I'm streaming my 14 gigs of mp3 files instead ;) Only 5 users though. No point in seriously ticking off my isp. Hmm, Stupid broadband trick number 2 ;)


JMM's G.I. Joe Comics Home Page Shameless Plug: My latest G.I. Joe comic summary/commentary is up at my friend James McFadden's page. I've done about 5-6 of these for him over the last few years, starting with issue 20 Check out his site for Everything you ever wanted to know about older G.I. Joe comics (80s-90s). and check out www.gijoecomic.com for the new series form Devil's Due publishing.
Absurdly simple cam page I've set up a webcam at home (another thoroughly useless waste of good technology ;) When it's up, you can look at something in my room by clicking the link on the left.


As We May ThinkThis might be interesting to those of you who use the web everyday. I found it to be, when I first ran across it around 95-96.


Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Center Ran across this while reading about something else. I've always maintained it was only a matter of time before they decided Nutrasweet et al. will kill you. I'll take my chances with real sugar thanks. Or better yet, honey and fruit juices, which is what I've been sweetening drinks with for a while now.

And remember folks, Research Causes Cancer in Rats. (unfortunately usually not the right ones).


Apple - Myths This ones for all my Windows using friends. Read and be enlightened. Those of you who use various forms of *nix,, well, Mac OS X is based on a flavor of BSD. Come on over and give it a whirl. You might like it.

Note that I am not going to tell you Mac OS X is perfect, but I do think that it's better than Windows (any flavor) for what most people want to do. But that could just be my bias showing. Try it for yourself. (Hint, go to a CompUSA (or better yet, an Apple store since the machines are more certain to be kept up there. (CompUSA's tend to let people do _bad things_ to display machines, but the one in Lexington had a pretty good display last time I was there.)


The Universal Law On first reading, I like this. It's anarchy with the Golden Rule applied. I'd be pleased to hear thoughts on why it wouldn't be a good thing to make this _The Law_. (ie the only law.)
This is taken from a longer discussion on Slashdot which is interesting in it's own right. Read the thread here.
Bernard Shifman Is A Moron Spammer Oh, I dearly love watching stupidity in action. I deal with stupid people all the time at the Police Department, but this guy is unusually brain-dead.


Adequacy.org || Is Your Son a Computer Hacker? I sincerely hope this site is some sort of humour/parody site. Otherwise, well...it's just scary.
Apple Well, it's officially there. At least it will be by the end of January. Don't get me wrong, I like it, and I would love to have one, but I'm not really blown away. It is undeniablely cool though. I have the feeling that I'd go for the 14 iBook myself though.
TIME canada.com Whooo-hooo! Who says Canada can't be useful at times. Check out pics of the new flatpanel iMac. The one which won't be announced for another 10.5 hours. Yippeee. I WANT ONE!!!!!!
Apple Nope, Not Yet. Still just says "Just One More Sleepless Night".
Well, just 11 hours left until MacWorld, and whatever SJ has up his sleave. Wonder if http://www.apple.com has updated yet?


Except the time and date format selections don't seem to work. Oh Well, close enough for now.
Okay, now everything is set, I think.
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